OTA system architecture

CATR OTA Measurement System

The R Series offers 3 models of CATR OTA Measurement System: R2, R6, and R8, which are able to measure up to 100GHz. The larger the compact range reflector, the larger the Devise Under Test (DUT) can be. The R Series also demonstrated its ideal quiet zone for Sub-6 GHz. Clients can choose between the 3 models of R Series based on their needs and DUTs’ sizes.

OTA system comparisons
A Series products, allowing you to complete relatively easy to pick your needs.
R2-Mobility type Lightest and smallest unit in the R Series
R6-Agility type Compatible with Sub-6GHz measurement
R8-Holistic type the largest unit in the R Series,Flexible upgrade option, total coverage from Sub-6GHz to mmWave

The major measurement software of OTA system
Operations with one touch、Supports multiple systems supports 2G, 3G and 4G、Supports major measuring instrument brands
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